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What is hemoscanning?

Hemoscanning  is diseases diagnostics according to live blood cell. This method is based on blood investigation at high magnification. It helps us in detecting disease onset and development as well as functional condition of erythrocytes, leukocytes, thrombocytes, blood plasma and its pathological insertions.

Blood can tell us about body state in detail if we learn to recognize its condition. Its difference with clinical analysis is that during hemoscanning blood drop is not dried and special reagents for fixation and coloring are not used.

It often happens that all indices according to clinical analysis are within the normal range, but state of health has not improved. But not in all cases this analysis can be effective in detecting dangerous diseases which at the early stages progress imperceptibly. Hemoscanning  gives us an opportunity to see not only quantity of cells, but also to trace its movement and to define its quality. Consequently it helps us in detecting disease at its onset and to take measures in time.

Specific features of the procedure

Blood specimen is investigated for 10-15 minutes after its taking, that’s why all processes in live blood cell can be seen on the special monitor without any changes. According to cells quantity and condition we can detect parasites presence (bacteria, fungi, parasite eggs and larvae). Mycelium threads testifies fungous invasion. Thrombocytes condition helps us in detecting predisposition to thrombus formation as well as represents one of the markers of oncological diseases.

Blood test assists us to learn more about immune system functioning, vitamin deficiency and metabolic processes condition, particularly protein metabolism.

Hemoscanning  helps us to investigate not only blood cells, but also its liquid part- plasma. It represents peculiar habitat for erythrocytes, leukocytes, thrombocytes and other elements. If blood becomes too viscous it leads to oxygen starvation.

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Blood test

When does it worth taking hemoscan test ?

Taking hemoscan test will not be superfluous for any person, who takes care of his health. It is recommended to make this test no less than once a year. This procedure is painless and practically does not need a long preparation. Recommendations on preparation for investigation.

Taking blood test in Tbilisi is necessary in case if you have a feeling of unexpected health worsening. If tiredness, headache, nausea, dizziness become chronic character, it is necessary to visit a clinic. Primary care is the best method of dangerous diseases prevention. Skilled specialists conduct diagnostics and in case of necessity  prescribe treatment.


  • Test gives us an opportunity to determine
  • Professional approach
  • Simplicity and speed of procedure
  • Completeness and accuracy of information
  • Reasons of parasitic infections in children and adults
  • Disturbance of metabolism and internal organs’ condition
  • Erythrocytes condition, their mobility in plasma, degree of aggregation (adhesion to “monetary columns”) and sledging (formation of disorderly solid aggregation)
  • Leukocytes condition characterizes basic properties of immune system in accordance with macrophage sizes (compared to erythrocyte) and ability to phagocytosis that it obviously seen during scanning.
  • Thrombocytes condition and aggregation presence as predisposing factor for thrombus formation
  • Condition of plasma- the liquid part of blood, its purity, presence or absence of microorganisms and pathological insertions.
  • Modern microscope helps us to magnify  blood drop about 2000 times (compared to routine clinical analysis- that is about 100 times)
  • You are consulted by our doctor of general practice whose work experience is 10 years
  • You receive individual program of recovery
  • Conducting and consulting by specialist for the whole recovery period
  • Additional recommendations for health maintenance and its effective recovery
  • Testing is performed in real-time in patient’s presence
  • Duration of the procedure is 45-60 minutes
  • This method helps us in detecting signs of incipient disease
  • This method is approved by scientists and is highly recommended in Europe as an additional informative method of investigation
  • It gives us an opportunity to receive information that is inaccessible with the use of other investigation methods
  • As we conduct testing of live warm blood drop, you get 95% of received information
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Our professionals

Hemoscanning helps us in detecting bellow-mentioned conditions in time:

Oncological diseases development

Parasitic infections development

Metabolic disturbance

Diabetes mellitus

Cardiovascular diseases

Bone and joint diseases

We conduct consultations regarding:

  • Health maintenance and health recovery
  • Prophylaxis of diseases
  • Healthy nutrition
  • Fluids intake
  • Immune system enhancement
  • Rejuvenation
  • Weight correction

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Frequently asked questions

What are the working hours?

Our center works from 10 am to 19 pm, from Monday through Saturday

Are there any contra-indications?

Hemoscanning method has no contra-indications for use.

Are any complications possible?

Any complications are excluded.

How to use our service?
  • You can call us on the following numbers: +995 32 218-04-04, +995 32 214-10-10
  • You can leave your application on our site
  • You can contact us via Facebook messenger at the right corner of the page
Which factor guarantees the success of procedure?
  • Sertified medical specialists with huge hand-on experience
  • Expert class devices
  • Medical standards care maintenance
How to get ready for procedure?

Before procedure it is necessary to inform specialist regarding any medication intake. You shouldn’t take meals 2 hours before hemoscanning. And on the day of diagnostics (before test) you shouldn’t take meat, sweet or fatty food.

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